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About The Heavy Magnesium Oxide

- Jan 26, 2019 -

Magnesium oxide is divided into light magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide. Heavy magnesium oxide is divided into light burning and re-burning. Our magnesite building material is used for light burning in heavy magnesium oxide, so-called light burning. And the reburning is mainly distinguished from the sintering temperature. When the sintering temperature is below 1200 °C, the magnesium oxide produced generally belongs to lightly burned magnesia. When the sintering temperature reaches 1200 degrees or more, the magnesia is called Burnt magnesium.


Industrial heavy magnesium oxide uses: In the magnetic materials industry, for color TV deflection coils (ferrite soft magnetic) and other ferrite magnetic materials. The steel ball polishing industry is used as a polishing agent; the electrical industry is used as a raw material for phenolic resin (commonly known as bakelite powder); the dye industry is used as a production auxiliary for p-aminophenol. It is also used in feed, glass, ceramics, industrial catalysts, and environmental protection industries. Modification of heavy magnesium oxide in the leather industry can be used as a safe base.