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384 Henan Zhengzhou Refractories Are Required To Produce Peaks Of 2018-2019

- Dec 01, 2018 -

From November 15th, 2018 to March 15th, 2019, the province's steel, coking, foundry, building materials, nonferrous metals, pharmaceuticals (pesticide) and other industries implemented differentiated peak production. In principle, it is exempt from the peak of the peak in accordance with the production conditions of the peak production exemption, and it is strictly forbidden to adopt a “one size fits all” approach.

On November 14, 2018, the Zhengzhou Industrial and Information Technology Commission issued a notice on the implementation plan for the peak production of industrial enterprises in autumn and winter of 2018-2019. The list of peak production announced in the notice, the list of all industrial peak enterprises was 599. Including 384 refractory companies, 70 foundries, 53 brick kiln, 50 carbon companies, 13 cement companies, 12 ceramic enterprises, 5 non-ferrous renewable enterprises, 4 steel companies, 3 electrolytic aluminum enterprises, etc.

In addition to a 30% limit on uniform production (equivalent to one month of shutdown in the heating season), there will be other policies coming out under the warning of heavy pollution.