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Hydraulic refractory castable

- Aug 24, 2018 -

The castables with cement as the binder need water in the hardening process to participate in the chemical reaction to form the gel hardening strength, which are all hydraulic refractory castables. Cement is the main factor determining the strength of the castable (especially the normal temperature strength), but its refractoriness is relatively low, so the amount of cement should be reduced as much as possible after ensuring the necessary room temperature strength. If it is necessary for compactness and construction workability, the refractory powder can be appropriately added.

Reducing the amount of cement is also one of the measures to reduce the cost. The aluminate cement should be strictly prevented from being mixed with Portland cement, lime and the like during construction. Because the two different chemical components mix to produce aqueous tricalcium aluminate, the strength is greatly reduced.