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High-purity Magnesium Oxide Use field

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide for desulfurization are chemical substances. They are a commodity that most people know. They are a commodity that has been studied in middle school chemistry, a white substance produced by water and magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide can be said to be a well-known chemical substance. However, it is such a substance that we all know, and the scale of use is also wide and wide. The use scale of high-purity magnesium hydroxide is also the same. High-purity magnesium hydroxide which areas is it usually used?

It is understood that the most widely used magnesium oxide is the rubber occupation, such as neoprene,  rubber and many other rubber occupations, as well as some rubber-related occupations, such as: tires, adhesives, wire and cable, and some rubber goods occupations. So how to ensure the quality of goods with such a wide range of goods? The following are some of the practices of China's first-class magnesium oxide and high-purity magnesium hydroxide companies in ensuring the quality of goods.

Magnesium oxide manufacturers produce magnesium oxide materials, mainly magnesium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide. To ensure the stability of magnesium oxide quality, we must first ensure the stability of the goods, and then use the most advanced production equipment, high-temperature calcinations CNC equipment to ensure the calcinations of commodities. In addition to the temperature stability, Magnesium also has a quality inspection center leading the laboratory equipment; each batch of goods must go through the quality inspection center, review and pass the delivery.