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Construction of unshaped refractories

- Aug 08, 2018 -

1. Unshaped refractory materials shall not be used when they are wet and deteriorated;
2. The surface of steel structures and equipment in contact with unshaped refractory materials shall be cleaned of rust, oil and debris;
3. The mixing ratio of unshaped refractory materials shall not be arbitrarily changed during construction. No additional water or other additives may be added to the stirred unshaped refractory;
4. In the process of stirring the unshaped refractory, when adding steel fiber, binder and admixture, the additive should be evenly stirred;
5. Clean water should be used for mixing unshaped refractory;
6. The tolerance of the dimensions of the unshaped refractory lining can be determined according to the requirements of the refractory brick lining.