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Chinese mining industry

- Jun 26, 2018 -

Mining is one of the oldest fields in which human beings are engaged in productive labor. The development of mining industry and the expansion and utilization of mineral resources have played a great and irreplaceable role in promoting the development and progress of human social civilization. Like many other peoples in the world, the ancestors of the Chinese nation began to engage in mineral development and utilization activities from the day they were born.

Historians divide human history into the Paleolithic age, the Neolithic age, the bronze age, and the iron age, which are characterized by the major types of mineral resources developed and used at the time.

It is our ancestors in the process of adapting to nature, understanding nature and transforming nature. In the process of discovering mineral resources, recognizing mineral resources and developing and utilizing mineral resources, our ancestors have promoted the development of social productive forces and the progress of human civilization, and laid a certain foundation for the large-scale mining development today.