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  • Anthracite
    Name: high quality coal
    Class: coal mine
    Formula: C
    Molecular weight: 12
    Color: black
    Gloss: metallic luster
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  • Brown Coal
    Brown Coal
    Lignite, sometimes called "brown coal," for Brownish-black in color, is the lowest rank, or least mature coal. It has a high moisture and low heat content and is typically used in electricity generation.
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  • Bituminous Coal
    Bituminous Coal
    Name: bituminous coal;soft coal;pechkohle;metallophyton;carbolapideus
    Carbon content: 75%~90%
    Proportion: about 1.2-1.5
    Volatiles: about 10%-40%
    Relative density: 1.25 to 1.35
    Calorific value: about 27170-37200...
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