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Coke and Coal

  • Coal Tar
    Coal Tar
    Information: Coal tar is black or black brown viscous liquid, with pungent odor produced during coal carbonization. Coal tar can be divided into low temperature coal tar, medium temperature coal tar and high temperature coal tar according to the dry...
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  • Cupola Coke
    Cupola Coke
    Copula Coke is a kind of metallurgical coke and the main fuel for the molten iron of the iron furnace. Its function is to melt the furnace charge and overheat the molten iron, supporting the stock column to maintain its good permeability. It has large and...
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  • Anthracite
    Name: high quality coal
    Class: coal mine
    Formula: C
    Molecular weight: 12
    Color: black
    Gloss: metallic luster
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  • Metallurgical Coke
    Metallurgical Coke
    Metallurgical coke is a general term for coke used in blast furnace, foundry, iron alloy and non-ferrous metal smelting. Under the condition of air isolated , bituminous coal is heated to 950-1050 C, and the coke is finally made by drying, pyrolysis,...
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  • Petroleum Coke
    Petroleum Coke
    Description Petroleum coke is a black or dark gray hard solid petroleum product, with a metallic luster and porous, which is a carbon body formed by granular, columnar, or needle shaped form of tiny graphite crystals. Petroleum coke is a by-product of the...
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  • Crude Benzene
    Crude Benzene
    Information: Crude benzene is one of the products of coal gas produced by coal pyrolysis, and the benzene series compounds recovered from coke oven gas after deamination are mainly benzene, which is called crude benzene. Crude benzene is one of the...
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  • Brown Coal
    Brown Coal
    Lignite, sometimes called "brown coal," for Brownish-black in color, is the lowest rank, or least mature coal. It has a high moisture and low heat content and is typically used in electricity generation.
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  • Bituminous Coal
    Bituminous Coal
    Name: bituminous coal;soft coal;pechkohle;metallophyton;carbolapideus
    Carbon content: 75%~90%
    Proportion: about 1.2-1.5
    Volatiles: about 10%-40%
    Relative density: 1.25 to 1.35
    Calorific value: about 27170-37200...
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  • Pitch Coke
    Pitch Coke
    It is a solid carbon material obtained by coking coal tar. It is a kind of high quality coke with low sulfur content and low ash, and it is also a kind of easy graphitized carbon.
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